Job Point Countdown

Countdown until the Job Point system resets. Upon completion the participant with the highest percentage is awarded a prize. The loser is mocked relentlessly. May the best meat popsicle win!



Percentage to job point overdrive



Percentage to job point overdrive



Percentage to job point overdrive


The fine print

What are Job Points?

Job Points or JP are a virtual currency acquired by completing tasks that appease Jason Robert George Payne. 

A timer is set at random intervals for a random amount of time. The participant who obtains the most JP during this time will be awarded a non-disclosed prize. JP are tracked as a percentage with each percent equaling 10 JP, stylised as 10jp. Obtaining 100% or 1,000jp is know as a Job Point Overdrive. This has no meaning and it’s only value is sounding baller as fuck. Baller is stylised as BALLA’.

Only participants on the board are included for this random amount of time, no additional participants may be included while the timer is set to anything above 0 days, 0 hours, 0 minutes and 0 seconds.

Rules can not be adjusted by participants or non participants. Rules are subject to change without warning by Jason Robert George Payne.

JP is not transferrable.

JP is not redeemable for anything other than the non-disclosed prize presented by Jason Robert George Payne.

JP can absolutely not be transferred by Roy Santos. Roy Santos has zero authority in relation to the Job Point system.