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I create things. I’m a Jase of all trades, master of none. You can see some of my work on websites such as Versus Player and Jenn & Jase. I’m the producer of a handful of podcasts, I design tabletop games, I write stuff and play way too many video games. This website is about all things me. Click on one of those big buttons below to be redirected to one of my current projects.

Jenn & Jase

A collaboration with my beautiful wife Jenn. Jenn & Jase is a food and lifestyle blog thing. We offer a smörgåsbord of different content whenever we feel like dishing it out. Please enjoy your meal!

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Versus Player

The website about games, life and everything in-between. Designed for my good friends Jono and Joe, this page hosts the Versus Player podcast and blog. Make sure you have a listen to our latest episode available on iTunes, Spotify, direct from our webpage and more.

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My latest project. Sacrilege is an accessible tabletop RPG inspired by video games like Suikoden, Darkest Dungeon and Monster Hunter.

More details will be available soon.​

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Sydney, Australia

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